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Our primary focus will be local news in Aberdeen and we will cover some of the local events. However, there are a lot of sports happening in our area on a daily basis. As we grow, we anticipate our sports coverage will expand. In the meantime, if you are looking for comprehensive sports coverage, we encourage you to check out the South Dakota Sports Scene at https://www.sdsportscene.com. It’s a great source for sports coverage across the state of South Dakota and is created by another Aberdeen local!

Yes! You can send letters to news@aberdeeninsider.com.  Please keep the word count to 150 words or less and include your name and hometown with your submission. We will not publish anonymous letters to the editor. 

Full obituaries are published online as we receive them free of charge and are accessible at www.aberdeeninsider.com to paid subscribers. The Aberdeen Insider will print a list of obituary service announcements in the print edition from the past week and will print the full obituaries for a fee. Families wishing to have an obituary published digitally or in print should work through the funeral home that is handling your loved one’s arrangements to submit the obituary and a photo.  

Please reach out with any questions at obituaries@aberdeeninsider.com